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In ultrasonics, the term typically refers to piezoelectric transducers.Piezoelectric crystals change size and shape when a voltage is applied; AC voltage makes them oscillate at the same frequency and produce ultrasonic sound.
Since piezoelectric materials generate a voltage when force is applied to them, they can also work as ultrasonic detectors. Some systems use separate transmitters and receivers, while others combine both functions into a single piezoelectric transceiver.


ultrasound transceivers can be used for measuring wind speed and direction (anemometer), tank or channel fluid level, and speed through air or water which is similar to radar or sonar working way.
Kippon sensing product includes open type, water-proof type and assembled sensors.
Kippon High-power ultrasonic emitters are widely used in Automatic Parking System, rangefinders, liquid level metrology equipment, etc.
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The concept of vibratory conveying based on the use of piezoelectric materials for motion

Kippon feeder drive typically refers to Piezoelectric Vibratory feeders or vibratory conveyors.The Vibratory

feeders are among the most ancient types of mechanical systems which have greatly promoted the productivity

in manufacturer, assembling lines and many other branches of industrial activity.
In recent years, with the rising of robotic system industry, the demand for precision control is



Kippon feeding system dramatically meets this industry surf and has made quite impressive

performance in the precision control industry.

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Piezo Tube Scanners

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Piezoelectric tube scanners are thin cylinders of radially poled piezoelectric material with four external electrodes and a solid or quadrant internal electrode. When a voltage is applied to one of the external electrodes, the actuator wall expands which causes a vertical contraction and a large lateral deflection of the tube tip. A circumferential electrode can be used for vertical or radial extension and contraction.
Piezoelectric tube scanners are used extensively in scanning probe microscopes and applications such as fibre stretching and beam scanning. Customised dimensions and/or specifications are available on request.
Piezoelectric ceramic




feeder automated systems

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