400 kHz Ultrasonic Transducer

  • Compact Size
  • High Reliability
  • Quick response

400 kHz Ultrasonic Transducer

Short Distance Precision Measurement

PiezoData Inc.(PD ceramic) offers high quality 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer.

It is one of our high-frequency ultrasonic sensors.

The 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer is a type of highly sensitive piezo air sensor with a resonance frequency of 400 kHz. 400 kHz means 400,000 cycles per second.

By making use of the ultrasonic waves, measuring the signals transmitted and received, a 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer is one of the best solutions to sense proximity and measure levels precisely in short distance detection.

Piezo: Your 400 kHz Ultrasonic Transducer Supplier

400 kHz ultrasonic transducer works well in most environments involving fluids. This type of ultrasonic sensor emits high-frequency ultrasonic waves to the surface of the objects/liquid, receives signals and measure the distance accordingly.

The advantage of 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer is that the sensor itself does not need to be in direct contact with the liquid.

It will be a good choice for corrosive media or environment. The 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer can work dually as both transmitter and receiver or transmitter and receiver separately.

Our 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer uses the piezoelectric component as an ultrasonic signal drive, it is stable and of high quality. Our 400 kHz ultrasonic sensor is rugged sealed in an aluminum shell.

The 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer is suitable for automation control, filling level measurement, distance measurement, close obstacle avoidance, robotics, and oil-field detection applications.

If you are in need of 400 kHz ultrasonic transducer for your application, please feel free contact us for further discussions.