Piezo Bender

  • Fast Response
  • Low Power Losses
  • Long-Term Reliability


Precision Piezo Bender

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision and quick response Piezo Bender.

Piezo Bender is a kind of piezo bender actuator too. It is designed in bimorph shape, for bidirectional displacement.

The piezo bender is very sensitive, and it has a sub-millisecond response time, which is much shorter than a wink time.

By choosing the piezoelectric ceramic as drive material, the piezo bender can do ±450 µm maximum displacement.

Our piezo bender is flexible to operate; it can be controlled by applying single-sided or different voltage control.

Any voltage driver with a voltage limit of at least 150 V can be used to drive these piezo bender actuators.

Piezo: Your Best Piezo Bender Manufacturer

There is no outgassing material in the piezo bender, and it is sintered under high bakeout temperature.

The piezo bender will have a superior performance under certain extreme circumstances.

PD ceramic offers piezo bender with holder and piezo bender without holder as well.

PD ceramic offers possible dimensions and configuration modification as per customers’ requirement.

The piezo bender of PD ceramic is synonymous with high reliability and long service lifetime.

If you need more piezo bender knowledge, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.