Piezo Bowl Feeder

  • Compact, thin &high precision
  • Smallest parts feedings
  • Easy for maintenance


Piezo Bowl Feeder

(Vibrating Feeding of Small Parts)

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high-quality piezo bowl feeder. Our piezo bowl feeder features low power consumption, compact in size, flexible, innovative and reliable design.

The piezo bowl feeder is mission-critical in the process of designing/building bulk material handling and assembly solution. Our piezo bowl feeder allows you to operate from start to finish without any headache.

Every set of the piezo bowl feeder is engineered for safety, ease of use and quality control, aimed to deliver the most efficient and optimal production process, resulting in high accuracy and uptime for your factory automation.

PD Ceramic has been one of the competitive players in the vibratory feeder market for years. Meanwhile PD Ceramic has been focusing on small/thin/miniature parts precision feeder by adopting piezo bowl feeder technology in the past 10years.

PD Ceramic bowl feeder has successfully established its leading position in the domain of small part automated feed.

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Piezo: Your Professional Piezo Bowl Feeder Manufacturer

Nowadays, factory automation engineering, reliability, precision, and capability are recognized as essential factors for all industrial manufacturers.

PD Ceramic is popular in the small parts feeding.

Our piezo bowl feeder has a small mounting diameter, low noise and free of electromagnetic, besides guaranteeing precise feeding and ease of maintenance.

PD Ceramic will be your first priority manufacturer of small parts and pin/screws/fastener vibratory bowl feeders.

Our piezo bowl feeder (i.e.piezoelectric vibratory feeder) has a diameter ranging from 60cm in.-230cm. Our piezo bowl feeder can remarkably increase the efficiency and productivity of machines during the manufacturing process.

Two of our buyers, using piezo bowl feeder in a smartphone production line, have increased their market share by 500%.

Dear customer, please be aware that 1/2 of your competitors are using a piezo bowl feeder from PD Ceramic for speeding their business.

What are you waiting for to boost your business?

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