Piezo Feeder

  • Smallest inner diameter bowl feeder available
  • High feed rates and stable performance
  • Low power consumption with a piezo drive
  • For micro fasteners, pins and parts

Premier Piezo Feeder Manufacturer

PiezoData Inc.: Your Competent and Committed Piezo Feeder Expert

PiezoData has been focusing on the piezoelectric actuators R&D and manufacturing for over the years.

With the rapid demand requirements in the industrial automation market, the piezo feeder is playing a vital role in this domain.

There are mainly two types of vibratory feeders in the market. One isan electromagnetic vibratory feeder,andthe other one isa piezo feeder.

Our piezo feeder uses the piezoelectric ceramics as the driving source.

Simply speaking, it is the process of making use of the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to generate vibration and drive the mini part to realize components transfer feeding.

Why Choose PiezoFeeder PiezoData Inc.

  • Smallest, lightweight
  • Very low power consumption
  • Tiniest precision parts automatic feeding
  • Available remote support
Piezo Feeder


Piezo: Your Premier Piezo Feeder Manufacturer

The piezo feeder has very low energy dissipations, which is 1/30 of that of the conventional electromagnetic vibratory feeder and the working current is only about 0.2amperes.

During the piezo feeder working process, the piezo feeder will neither overheat nor have electromagnetic pollution either.

With this advantage, it is widely used in a battery, hardware, microelectronics, medicine, food, semiconductor, and other industrial automation applications.

PiezoData Inc. offers piezo feeder with the smallest inner diameter. The piezo feeder can offer impressive performance on a space-conscious built-in working place.

The piezo feeders are perfectly designed for feeding micro, miniature pins/fasteners and other tiny workpieces in the precision assembly process.

Choosing our new generation of piezo feeder will definitely improve your productivity and boost your factory automation remarkably.