Piezo Printhead

  • Applied for different brands
  • High firing frequency
  • Low power consumption
  • High lifetime

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Piezo PrintHead
Piezo PrintHead

PiezoData Inc.: Reliable Piezo Printhead Expert

PiezoData provides the emerging technology of piezo printhead manufacturing for inkjet printers over the years.

There are mainly two types of printhead technologies in the market. One is thermal printhead, and the other one is piezo printhead.

Piezo printhead uses an electrical charge to cause the piezoelectric crystal to change shape and push the ink out of the printer nozzle.

Simply speaking, it is the process of pressing out the ink from the nozzle by applying a voltage to the piezoelectric crystal, causing it to deform slightly and at high speed.

When the piezoelectric crystals are subjected to the external impulse voltage, the piezoelectric crystals will deform, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the ink cavity of the nozzle.

Why Choose Piezo Printhead from PiezoData Inc.

  • Compatible
  • Very low power consumption
  • Tiniest precision liquids pumping and dosing
  • Available for air & gas applications
Piezo PrintHead


Piezo: Your Leading Piezo Printhead Manufacturer

This way, a drop of ink shoots out of the nozzle. Then the piezoelectric crystals return to their original state, and new ink enters the nozzle due to surface tension.

By arranging a large number of nozzles side by side, the ideal width and resolution can be obtained.

By choosing piezo printhead, it is easy to achieve higher accuracy printing quality of 1440dpi and the piezo printhead does not require heating.

So the ink will not undergo chemical changes due to heating, thus greatly reducing the consumption of ink.

Our piezo printhead is suitable for portable ink-jet spray printers.

Our piezo printhead is compatible with the following series:

Domino Resonator Series

Smart lease Resonator Series

Rottweil Resonator Series

VideoJet Resonator Series

Leininger Resonator Series

Hitachi Resonator Series