Piezo Water Pump

  • Small, Smart, Silent
  • Low voltage 0.50mw maximum
  • Custom design


Precision Piezo Water Pump

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high-quality precision piezo water pump.

Owing to over 20years piezo actuators research and development experience, PD ceramic has become the technology leader in the research and production of high precision and durable piezo water pump in China for medical, analysis and laboratory technology.

Piezo water pump is also known as the piezoelectric water pump. It is a sort of miniature diaphragm pump due to its very compact core drive.

Our piezo water pump internal drive element includes low-profile piezo bending elements, compact piezo chip actuators or piezo stack actuators; they vary according to the requirements of power & size.

The whole piezo water pump body is made of PET or FKM, which is a kind of highly chemically inert material. It can transport most alcohols, aldehydes and organic low-viscosity fluids.

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Piezo: Your Leading Piezo Water Pump Supplier

The piezo water pump is very precise and stable in the applications of tiny pumping & doping.

From the PSS20 to PSD35 series, our piezo water pump covers a performance range: from a few milliliters to 200ml/min, and the flow accuracy is within ± 15%.

It can be used as pressure and/or self-priming vacuum pump as well.

This piezo water pump has a very compact design: the smallest type size is27.5mmX5.3mm.

Thus, this sort of piezo water pump can be installed in a very small place, and it also saves energy too.

PD ceramic offers customized precision liquid transfer solutions according to your detailed requirements.

We promptly keep in touch with our customers and business partners to understand their dynamic project adjustment if any, during the production.

Being an experienced piezo water pump R&D manufacturer, we can offer more constructive suggestions, precise solutions, and more choices for your customized projects.

Order or no order, we will always be your piezo water pump support team.