Piezoelectric Bimorph

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Power Losses
  • Low-term Stability


Precision Piezoelectric Bimorph

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision and quick response piezoelectric bimorphs. PD piezoelectric bimorph is also known as a piezoelectric bimorph bending actuator.

It is a sort of piezoelectric parallel bimorph actuator, normally used in displacement applications.

PD piezoelectric bimorphs are two parallel ceramic plates bonded together with supporting metallic material and counter-actuator.

When the ceramics are activated, the metal substrate material deflects with a motion proportional to the applied voltage (the drive voltage must be limited under 150V). PD piezoelectric bimorph actuator can realize deformation travel up to 1000µm.

Due to the high speed of deflection and quick response, the piezoelectric bimorph actuator is always employed as a high performance and fast-reacting control piezoelectric components. It can considerably speed up your production.

Piezo: Your Piezoelectric Bimorph Manufacturer

PD piezoelectric bimorph is designed with a compact size; it takes up a very small space.

PD piezoelectric bimorph is energy saving compared to the traditional electromagnets which resulted in low operating costs.

PD piezoelectric bimorph has high reliability and long working time, so it has a very low downtime period.

PD piezoelectric bimorph can be in bimorph, tri-morph, and multi-morph design as well.

PD piezoelectric bimorph can be provided with a holder or without a holder as well.

PD piezoelectric bimorph is synonymous with high reliability and a superior lifetime.

PD piezoelectric bimorphs are used in a wide range of specialist applications including positioning instruments, printing technologies, pneumatic valves, textile machinery and many more.

Choosing PD piezoelectric bimorph is a perfect solution for you, for it’s an extremely versatile control component for your application.

If you need more knowledge about PD piezoelectric bimorph for whatever industry or research, please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

PD ceramic will always collaborate closely with you to provide high performance and customized solutions for your project.