Piezoelectric Chip

  • Strong, Small and Smart
  • Low Power Losses
  • Low-term Stability


Precision Piezoelectric Chip

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high force, high precision, and quick response piezoelectric chips. PD piezoelectric chips are also known as piezo linear actuators. It is a sort of miniature multilayer piezo actuator.

The piezoelectric chip is formed in miniature multilayer piezo actuator shape. The dimension is ultra-compact from 0.9mmx0.9mm to 10.0×10.0mm, and customized options are available as well.

Our piezoelectric chip is a sort of low voltage piezo linear actuator. PD piezoelectric chips have a flexible range of drive voltage: 0 – 75 V, 0 – 100 V, or 0 – 150 V.

Owing to the superior drive material of piezoelectric ceramics, PD piezoelectric chips are very sensitive in response – it has a microsecond response time (without load) which is even shorter than a blink in time.

And this type piezoelectric chip can deliver a displacement from 0.7 to 3.6µm maximum.

Piezo: Your Top Piezoelectric Chip Manufacturer

The piezoelectric chip has a stable material; it is free of outgassing material, ceramic insulated, polymer-free and perfect humidity resistant.

Thus, the piezoelectric chip can be operated under certain extreme environments.

The piezoelectric chip can be formed into varying shapes with some of the most common versions being rectangular, round, annular cross-section, through the inner hole, etc. as your project requires.

The piezoelectric chip can be insulated with wire leads or without wire leads.

To work stably under different loading conditions, flat ceramic or hemispherical ceramic endplates may be required as accessories for the piezoelectric chips.

The piezoelectric chip of PD ceramic is synonymous with high reliability and superior lifetime.

If you need more information on the piezoelectric chip, for whatever industry or research, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.