Piezoelectric Air Pump

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  • Precision for Pumping & Dosing
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Precision Piezoelectric Air Pump

(Designed to operate as a micro blower)

PiezoData Inc.(PD Ceramic) offers high quality precision piezoelectric air pump.

With over 20years of experience in piezoelectric air pump research and development, PD ceramic has been the leading piezoelectric air pump manufacturer in both domestic and global markets.

Our science team owns over 10 patents on our piezoelectric air pump and have passed most related application stability tests.

PD ceramics piezoelectric air pump is designed using ultrasonic vibrations of ceramics as the driver source.

The piezoelectric ceramic works as a sort of piezoelectric actuator. Piezoelectric ceramic can produce a small displacement with a high force capability when an electrical charge voltage is applied.

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Piezo: Your Best Piezoelectric Air Pump Manufacturer

PD ceramic piezoelectric air pump is smart in air suck/discharge. In the circumstances of compact place application, air or liquids cannot be flushed directly, but our piezoelectric air pump is a perfect choice for you.

PD ceramic piezoelectric air pump has an easy-handle electronic control system.

Its electronic control system runs the smart logic safety diagnostic process and regulates the temperature within 14°F (-10°C) to 167°F (75°C) range. This ensures efficiency and reduces downtime.

Two types of controllers are available. Please contact us for more details.

PD ceramic piezoelectric air pump is the best alternative to the traditional magnetic micropump. It is suitable for fans, micro blowers, and other compact mount required applications.

For any of your specific requirements for the piezoelectric air pump, please feel free to contact us for further detailed technical support.