PZT Powder

  • High Purity
  • Fine Selection
  • High Density


Precision PZT Powder

PiezoData Inc. (PD Ceramic) offers high-quality PZT powder. PZT powder is also known as lead zirconate titanate (Pb[Zr(x)Ti(1-x)]O3).

Commercial PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate) ceramic powders are typically formed from calcined mixtures of oxide or carbonate precursors.

PZT materials are available in standard hard & soft types.

The quality of the PZT powder composition plays a crucial role in forming the properties of a finished piezoelectric component.

Ferroelectrically hard PZT material physical properties are rarely changed in the circumstances of high electrical and mechanical stresses.

Piezo: Your Premier PZT Powder Supplier

PZT-based compounds are used in the manufacturing of ultrasound transducers(e.g., loudspeakers and microphones), in the manufacturing of ultrasonic sensors and actuators, STM/AFM actuators (tubes), as well as high-value ceramic capacitors and the like.

PZT is also widely used in the manufacturing of ultrasonic processors and sonar technology.

The PZT powder is sintered, spray dried and vacuum dried, crushed and sized to micron-sized particles or sized to customer specific requirement.

We can make some adjustment on PZT materials for special requirement.

So if you are in need of PZR material, we are the right supplier for you.