A single point is a very popular load cell choice and accounts for the greatest percentage of load cells worldwide.

What makes single point load cell unique is its high accuracy and high reliability.

Because of the fact that single point load cell is nearly a part of every industrial weighing platform scale, it’s also known as “platform load cell”.

The general use of single pint load cells is in low capacity compact weighing systems and industrial equipment.

Furthermore, its ability to accept off-center load makes it unique and this also means that they will accurately measure weight if it’s placed anywhere on the scale.

The most interesting thing about single point load cell is that it provides highly precise measurements in any industrial application and environment.

Single point load cell is industry-standard equipment for weighing small or large items.

The single point load cell can experience different versatile environmental conditions usually because of its square or rectangular design.

For this reason, a standard single point load cell must meet the following requirements:

  • Precision
  • Durability & Repeatability
  • Reliability
  • Simple, fast commissioning and maintenance
  • Cost efficiency

Industrial platform scales have further requirements, for example, a high IP rating to protect the sensitive weighing components and single point load cell from the following:

  • Moisture
  • Chemicals
  • High-pressure hot water jets
  • Steam cleaning nozzles

Single point load cells are manufactured according to these requirements and specially designed for the harsh environmental conditions that platform scales often experience.

The standard design of single point load cell is fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel.

Moreover, these load cells are fitted with a durable polyurethane cable having high resistance against UV radiation, impacts, and chemical attacks.

The more technically-advanced single point load cells are wireless but overall feature the identical design, functionality, and materials.

Single point load cells are proven to be highly productive for many industrial weighing systems as they are cost-optimized, reliable, and repeatable with the IP rating and level of precision to suit the application.