300 kHz Ultrasonic Transducer

  • Rugged sealed construction
  • Cylindrical design allows for installation in various applications
  • Short-range measurement capabilities

Precision 300 kHz Ultrasonic Transducer

(For double feed detection)

PiezoData Inc. offers high quality 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer. It is one of our high-frequency ultrasonic sensors.

The 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer is designed for sensing multi-feeding of blank sheets in a scanner, printer, and ATM.

In many instances doubles have a positive connotation. But in sheet feed printing and stamping process, doubles are definitely viewed as a negative connotation.

In an office environment, there are instances you can encounter a paper jam, forcing you to open up a copy machine to check the roller if there are two sheets of papers.

This gives you an idea of what can happen to a print process.

The jam ups can be catastrophic when printing books or magazines. The 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer can definitely help in keeping downtime, subsequent maintenance and damage to an absolute minimum.

Printing books, magazines or newspapers is a complex process that requires specialized high-end electronic controls and huge paper feeding.

During this process, a single blank sheet of paper can ruin a work of 100,000 or more copies because it made its way through to the middle of the books or magazines.

In order to maintain efficiency and high speed in any smooth printing, you need a 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer to prevent the possibility of a double feed of papers.

Our 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer is specially designed for the applications of misfeed detection, label counting, and splice detection.

A high quality 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer can detect very thin papers less than 40grams weight, medium size papers like those of copier machines and double sheet situations like thick credit card type materials.

The 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer can detect the thin metal sheet.

You can also find 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer applied in ATM to detect currencies, voting scanners, and so on.

The 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer can also detect the following peculiar sheet feed situations like no sheet, single sheet, double sheet, triple sheet, quadruple sheet, etc.

If you need more information on 300 kHz ultrasonic transducer, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.